Even & Odd Theatricals, Inc.  was created by Mark Contorno and Duane Scott Cerny to produce edgy new work for an unsuspecting public.   Their goal has always been to push the boundaries of (mellow) drama, humor, sex, perversion and bad taste, while still maintaining a good credit score in a down market.


Staged at the wonderfully decrepit Athenaeum Theatre, “Mrs. Hyde & The Case of the Gaslight Buggerings”  was the pair’s debut collaboration in the Spring of ’09.

Victorian values were swept up the chimney by the show’s anti-Mary Poppins heroine, Mrs. Hyde (or was it Mister?)… while laugh out loud audiences heartily embraced this new drag classic.


TimeOut Chicago braved 3-Stars while other online reviewers were shocked, appalled and even angered by the sexual acrobatics.   (Hey, you can’t please everybody at an orgy!)  

In any event… Mark Contorno spent the Fall of ’09 directing the one-woman show “The D Cup Diatribes” at Gorillo Tango Theater .   Strong reviews followed his efforts in this politically correct, yet titillating experience.   He also made time to appear in staged readings of  “Euphoria” at the Raven Theater.


Duane Scott (Is this a Xmas letter?) Cerny has been working on “The Bloody Fabulous Curse of Dragula” since the first corset was tightened in the rehearsal days of “Mrs. Hyde”.   Inspired as a comic-counterpoint to the likes of  True Blood,  Twilight and the current media vampire feast, “Curse of Dragula”  brings a much-needed transfusion of humor to today’s plasma TV generation.


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